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The Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council's (Handelsrådet) overall aim is to strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish retail business and to create good conditions for employees. The Council is a strong common platform from which the parties can run a successful and effective dialogue with decision makers, opinion leaders and the general public.

Activities carried out in The Council aims to facilitate and support the parties’ efforts to develop the terms and conditions of retail and wholesale companies and employees. One of the objectives of The Council is to increase knowledge and awareness of the importance of retail and wholesale in society. The work within the framework of The Council should be based on sustainability, openness and innovation.


Hakon Swenson Foundation

The ambition with the Hakon Swenson Foundation has since the start ten years ago been to be a catalyst and unifying force between retailing companies and academic institutions to spur development of the industry.

The foundation want to stimulate research within the field with the aim to create new knowledge, which in turn can be used in training new generations for future research and innovation.

Hakon Swenson Foundation has over its first ten years spent SEK 37 million in contributions to a large number of projects. Some of these projects can be applied directly in retailing, but many also have the aim to see results of in a longer perspective.

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